Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Treating Fire Ant Bites with Raw Honey

This is a very important post for those who live in the southern part of the United States, where fire ants are prevalent and menacing.  Put a dab of raw, unfiltered honey on the bite(s).  Last Monday, I was bit by several fire ants on my right hand.  Not only do I always get a red dot where bit, but when I get multiple bites on a hand, my whole hand will be swollen from the poison injected for several days.  I immediately ran into the house and slathered raw honey all over the top of my hand because I knew I had our FoodsbyGod cooking class the next evening.  I did not want my hand swollen and red with white pussy dots all over!  The next day at class, I barely had one small red spot to show.  Truly amazing.

Yesterday while working in the garden, I got bit by fire ants in several spots on the back of my leg.  After 5 - 10 minutes, a red bump appears at each bite.  I waited until the red bumps appeared to put on the raw honey so I could get a photo for you.  It is best to apply the honey as soon as possible and not wait.  The honey will neutralize the poison from the bite.  It provides immediate relief from pain and itching and will keep the bite from developing into a white pus spot and itching like crazy. 


Treating fire ant bites with honey is also an excellent way to test your honey (though don't get bit on purpose!).  Only raw honey that still has active enzymes will work.  Not only does raw honey draw out poison from bites, is helps heal infections and wounds too.  Of course, it also has numerous benefits with eaten from helping with allergies (if using local raw honey) to aiding in calcium absorption (I always add raw honey to my yogurt).  Raw, unfiltered honey is an essential food to have in every kitchen.


  1. I put raw honey on a swelled up spider-bite I had and the next morning it was reduced to a tiny bump.

  2. Excellent! Thanks for sharing. Raw honey is amazing stuff.

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